Jan 20

Crash Course to Planned Giving: 101 & 201



January 20, 2022
1:30pm ET/ 10:30am PT




Catherine Gibson,NCJW Director of Development

Planned giving (sometimes also referred to as legacy giving or gift planning) is an opportunity for NCJW supporters to create a lasting legacy by making a generous donation through a will, bequest, or trust. These gifts have important benefits for donors and their heirs – and they also carry legal responsibilities for nonprofits receiving them.

Join NCJW Director of Development, Catherine Gibson, to learn about planned giving. In the first half hour, she’ll provide an introduction to the basics and what’s critical to know when receiving donations posthumously. In the second half hour, she’ll dive into more advanced information as we discuss intricate processes, options, and legalese. We encourage Sections with existing planned giving programs to join us at 2pm ET/ 11am PT for the second part of this training as we get into the weeds and take additional questions.

This webinar will have live closed captions.

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