We are looking for your mother

Help us celebrate 125 years of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Here at NCJW we know that nothing we have achieved could have been done without our volunteers and leaders across the country. Your mother, and countless mothers like her, are a part of our history and our legacy. So honor her this Mother’s Day by sharing her NCJW story!

We are searching for the stories about their lives as NCJW members: why they joined, the relationships they built, their community service actions, their leadership as social justice activists. And it doesn’t just have to be your mother– ask your aunt, cousin, grandmother, sister-in-law, great aunt twice removed– any of the fabulous women in your life.

Sharing her story is easy: simply fill out this form and simply fill out this form and we will make sure she gets the honor she’s due by adding her name to our scroll in the Library of Congress in special recognition of her dedication to NCJW.