Call your Senators and tell them to stop packing our courts with biased federal judges

Federal courts are the last line of defense for our constitutional rights, and the judges who sit on them must be fair and independent. Nearly all of President Trump’s nominees to fill lifetime seats on federal courts have had partisan, ideological agendas and would roll back our rights rather than protect equality and justice for all. The most recent nominee is no different. If confirmed, he will continue to interpret and control constitutional rights long after the Trump administration ends. For the sake of our courts – and our rights – urge your senators to reject this dangerous nominee:

Stephen Schwartz, nominated to the Court of Federal Claims, has spent his career attacking critical legal protections for women, immigrants, transgender youth, people of color, and the environment, including defending North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” and Louisiana’s abortion bans.

Step 1

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500

Step 2

Hi, my name is ______ I am an NCJW advocate from [city, state]. I urge you to oppose Court of Claims nominee Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz has dedicated his career to attacking protections for women, transgender youth, immigrants, and people of color. He is ultraconservative and partisan as opposed to the fair, independent judge that we need. Please protect our courts and our rights by opposing and speaking out against  Schwartz. Thank you.