Tell the Senate: Confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi

On March 30, President Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the nation’s second-highest court, and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

In her current position as a federal district court judge in Washington, DC, Ketanji Brown Jackson has supported workers’ rights by invalidating attempts to limit collective bargaining and protected funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs by overturning attempts to terminate funding. Jackson ruled that Uber can be held liable for failing to provide accessible transportation to people using wheelchairs and against the DC Department of Corrections for violating the rights of an incarcerated deaf person by not providing him necessary accommodations.

Candace Jackson-Akiwumi has spent her career focused on the most vulnerable, from serving on a law school team that challenged a death row inmate’s sentence to working as a public defender for ten years in Chicago. She has argued cases related to immigration, sentencing, and the Fourth Amendment in front of the very court in which she has been nominated to serve. If confirmed, Jackson-Akiwumi would be the second Black woman to serve on the Seventh Circuit — currently an all-white court.

NCJW supports Ketanji Brown Jackson and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, who have demonstrated a deep commitment to protecting civil rights and ensuring equal access to justice throughout their careers. Urge your senators to support the confirmations of Ketanji Brown Jackson and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi!