Tell Senators: Oppose two anti-abortion judicial nominees!

Courts Matter. Judges Matter. Access to health care, including abortion, matters.

Yet, the Senate is poised to vote on two anti-abortion nominees. David Dugan and Stephen McGlynn, both nominated to fill seats on the US District for the Southern District of Illinois, are extremely hostile to reproductive freedom. Dugan is a co-founder of Illinois Vision 2020, a group that aims to “end abortion in Illinois by 2020.” McGlynn has received endorsements from anti-abortion groups Illinois Citizens for Life PAC and Illinois Federation for Right-to-Life PAC, both of which spread misinformation about access to safe, legal abortion.

Call your Senators today! Tell them Dugan and McGlynn lack the impartiality to serve in lifetime positions on our federal bench.

Step 1: Find your Senators phone number

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500

Step 2: Use the below script

My name is [your name] and I am a member of the National Council of Jewish Women calling from [city/state] in opposition to the nominations of David Dugan and Stephen McGlynn. Both nominees are vehemently anti-abortion and would bring their troubling personal agendas to a lifetime seat on the federal bench. They lack the requisite impartiality to serve as federal judges and I urge you to oppose their nominations.