Tell Congress: We Need COVID Relief Now!

With more than 400,000 deaths and over a million people unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, more aid is desperately needed to address the twin health and economic crises. Though the last Congress passed — and the president signed — a $900 billion COVID-relief package in December, it fell far short of meeting the needs of most in this country. As President Biden takes office, his first priority is COVID relief in the form of a $400 billion plan containing many of NCJW’s prioritiesThese include: 

  • containing COVID and mounting a national vaccine program; 
  • access to health coverage; 
  • expanded and extended emergency paid family and medical leave as well as Unemployment Insurance benefits; 
  • $1400 checks to individuals, including those living in mixed households; 
  • rental assistance and an eviction moratorium;  
  • extended nutrition assistance at the current 15% benefit increase;  
  • increased minimum wage to $15; 
  • expanded child care assistance; 
  • addressing racial disparities; and 
  • funding for state and local governments. 


This robust package would change the course of the pandemic, deliver immediate relief for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of colorcommunities most impactedand build a bridge towards economic recoveryNCJW looks forward to working with Congress as a bill is introduced to ensure the above measures are included and extend to immigrants, and to enhance support for child care  

 Call your lawmakers to let them know America needs COVID relief now! 

Sample Script: 

Hi my name is [name] and I am a National Council of Jewish Women advocate calling from [city, state]. Families across the country are facing layoffs, decreased wages, loss of health care, possible eviction, and more. Most impacted are communities of color. I urge you to provide the essential support these and all of our communities so urgently need to survive the ongoing public health and economic emergencies by immediately passing President Biden’s comprehensive aid package. 

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