Prioritize fair, independent, diverse, and qualified federal judges!

Dear Senator:

Judges who serve in lifetime seats on the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, make decisions that impact every aspect of our lives. From the schools we can attend to whom we can marry to the water we drink and more, they set precedents that guide future judges and our legal system for generations.

That’s why judges must be fair, impartial, and qualified to ensure equal access to justice for all. What’s more, diversity on the federal bench is crucial. Of the more than 200 judges confirmed to the federal judiciary during the last administration, 76% are men and 84% are white. Additionally, they are overwhelmingly young and hostile to individual and civil rights and will serve for decades.

We need federal judicial nominees who come from a variety of professional, economic, and personal backgrounds and reflect the communities they serve. We urge you to help build the federal court system we deserve by confirming fair, independent, diverse, and qualified nominees who will ensure justice for all.