Prevent Blanket Entry Bans

The issue: President Trump’s Muslim and African Bans — xenophobic entry bans formulated under the guise of national security — kept thousands of families apart.

The good news: On his first day in office, President Biden rescinded the bans. Then, the NO BAN Act (HR 1333) passed the House in April 2021. This important bill would change the Immigration and Nationality Act by outlawing discrimination in the entry of immigrants or nonimmigrants based on religion. It would also put in place key congressional notification and reporting requirements as important safeguards against any future abuses of the authority to suspend or restrict the entry of non-citizens.

Our task: We need to tell our senators to pass the NO BAN Act!

*For DC residents, we continue working towards full voting representation in the US Congress. Click here to tell the Senate to make DC a state!