Prepare to cast your ballot

Planning ahead is the key to making sure you cast your ballot on election day. The midterm elections are our chance to shape our democracy, so make your vote and your voice count.

  1. Start working on a voting plan. Will you vote early, absentee, or on election day? Whether you’re voting before election day or on it, what arrangements do you need to ensure your vote counts? Use this resource to help you make your plans.
  2. Check your voting status. States are purging voter rolls so it’s essential to check that your voting status is active now. Don’t wait to be surprised on election day.
  3. Help ensure other members of your community are able to cast their ballots –– volunteer on election day. Explore all the ways you can help protect voting rights on election day here and if you want to volunteer as a poll monitor, register here.
  4. Learn about the issues on your ballot this November. Look up your ballot early so you have time to learn about everything you will be voting on.
  5. Learn the signs of voter suppression and what to do if you witness or experience obstacles to voting. Remember, the election protection hotline is always there to help: 866-OUR-VOTE.
  6. Spread the election protection hotline number: 866-OUR-VOTE. Make sure everyone knows that they can call the hotline if they have any problems at the polls. Share this Facebook post with your network.