Tell Congress: Pass Federal Spending Bills that Support All Communities

NCJW envisions an America where each of us has what we need to be healthy, live with dignity, and share our growing prosperity. Unfortunately, this is not the vision of many in Congress who are using the government funding process to undermine, instead of support, the security and health of our communities. 

Some lawmakers are using this year’s 12 appropriations bills that fund government services and programs as well as the National Defense Authorization Act to further their harmful agenda: attacking access to abortion; cutting programs that support women and children; threatening the health and safety of the LGBTQ+ community; undermining efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and taking aim at those experiencing poverty. 

The annual must-pass federal spending bills should be an opportunity for our leaders to ensure  the most vulnerable are receiving the critical care and support they need to live healthy, safe lives. Urge your Members of Congress to pass clean spending and National Defense Authorization Act bills, free from harmful and hateful language and program cuts.