Help restore voting access to 1.4 million people

In Florida, over 1.4 million people are permanently excluded from voting because of a previous felony conviction. On November 6, voters have a chance to end this broken system and restore voting rights by voting YES on Amendment 4.

Jewish tradition recognizes the power of t’shuvah, because a person’s whole life should not be judged by one mistake. It is only fair that those who have paid their full debt to society should have a chance to return as full citizens to participate in our democracy.

How can you help? Sign up to join NCJW for our Second Chances Phone Bank to encourage Amendment 4 supporters to vote on Election Day.

When: Monday, November 5 from 4-6pm ET

Where is the phone bank? At our new office, located at 2055 L Street NW, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20036.

What do you need for the phone bank? Bring a laptop or tablet, your phone and headphones, and chargers for your devices.

We’ll provide the training, instructions, and snacks!

Make a difference in the fight for voting access. We hope to see you on November 5.