Meet with your lawmakers while they’re in town

On February 19-23, Congress will be home for the holiday weekend. It’s a perfect time to schedule your in-district meeting with them. Take this opportunity to talk with your legislators and their staff about two critical issues: immigration and judicial nominations. 

It’s now been five months since President Trump announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and there is still no permanent solution for Dreamers, young immigrants brought to the US as children. As a result, more than 800 Dreamers, lose their legal status every week, leaving them vulnerable to deportation. The Dream Act (S 1615/HR 3440) would provide a path to citizenship for these young individuals, enabling them to continue to thrive in the United States.

And while dragging its feet on the Dream Act, the US Senate has moved with lightning speed on judicial nominations, advancing 17 right-wing and anti-woman judicial nominees to fill lifetime seats on federal courts in one day. The Senate Republican leadership plans to do everything in its power to quickly confirm as many federal judges as possible –– regardless of the consequences for Americans.

Tell your legislators: Pass a Dream Act now and vote NO on judicial nominees that are bad for women and families. Use NCJW’s February 2018 Recess Toolkit to let your elected officials know how you feel. From how to schedule a meeting, what to say, and how to follow up the asks you make, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the toolkit and schedule your meeting today.