Educate your community about judicial nominations

Host the You Be the Judge Program

You Be the Judge is a dynamic workshop on the federal court system. This program makes courts accessible and shows just how vital they really are.

An exceptional educational experience, hosting the You Be the Judge program will deepen civic engagement and strengthen advocacy efforts. Everything you need to plan a successful event is provided. Through BenchMark: NCJW’s Judicial Nominations Campaign, we have been a leading voice in the progressive community’s fight to ensure a fair and independent judiciary. The composition of the federal courts defines how justice is delivered in our nation.

This program is the perfect way for any group — regardless of age or knowledge — to experience and truly understand the importance of our courts.

Program materials include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation with script
  • Case study, facilitator’s guide, and glossary for breakout groups
  • Tips for planning and presenting
  • Sample agenda

For You Be the Judge materials or questions please contact Caroline Ostro at or 202-375-5068.


“[You Be the Judge] was the best way we’ve found to engage our community on the important issue of federal judicial nominations. The participatory program got people to dig in to the issues.” -Beth Gendler, NCJW Minnesota

“[You Be the Judge] helped me fully appreciate the importance of creating a judiciary that reflects the diversity of the individuals who come before the courts.” -Nancy Nix-Rice, NCJW St. Louis

“Participating in the You Be the Judge event helped attendees understand how difficult the judicial process can be. We were challenged to put aside our biases…” -Tina Cantrell, NCJW Chicago North Shore

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