Support unrestricted abortion access for all!

Abortion access is under a sustained and coordinated attack. Since 2011, state lawmakers have passed over 450 restrictions forcing providers to perform unnecessary tests, regulating the width of clinic hallways, or even banning abortion outright. Alarmingly, the original abortion ban – the Hyde Amendment – has disproportionately impacted those struggling to make ends meet; Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities, young people; immigrants; and LGBTQ individuals for over forty years and will continue to do so regardless of whether these restrictions are eventually invalidated. 

We need federal legislation to stop the relentless tide of these discriminatory policies and to secure the constitutional right to abortion. The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA, HR 2975/S 1645) and the EACH Woman Act (HR 1692/S 758) are those laws. WHPA would invalidate onerous state restrictions blocking access to abortion. At the same time, the EACH Woman Act would ensure the affordability of this care by ending political interference in public and private insurance coverage. Together, these critical bills have the potential to create a future where all can access the abortion services they need without cost barriers, delays, or burdensome limitations. Encourage your lawmakers to champion abortion access for all by supporting WHPA and the EACH Woman Act today.