A Faithful Response to June Medical Services v. Russo

This summer, the US Supreme Court will close out its blockbuster 2019-2020 term with the announcement of its decision in June Medical Services v. Russo. Should the Justices strike down Louisiana’s law forcing abortion providers to obtain hospital admitting privileges, they will reaffirm decades of legal precedent and one fundamental truth: TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion providers) laws are unconstitutional and will not stand. However, if the law is permitted to take effect, the Court will effectively shutter clinics across the state and provide anti-abortion lawmakers across the country license to abolish the right to access this time-sensitive and essential health care.

People of faith will not remain idle while moral autonomy, health, and lives are at stake. Within one week of the Court’s decision, organizational leadership from Catholics for Choice, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Women of Reform Judaism, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice will present A Faithful Response to June Medical Services v. Russo. This webinar will also feature Scott Ruskay-Kidd, Senior Attorney for Judicial Strategy, U.S. Legal Program at the Center for Reproductive Rights, who will explain the case ruling and its implications for the future of abortion rights and access. Finally, we will provide YOU with the tools you will need to take action on this critical issue.