Guarantee the Right to Contraception

The issue: The right to contraception has been relentlessly under attack at the state level. And, in Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, he urged the Court to reconsider its decision in Griswold v. Connecticut, which recognized the right to use contraception.

The good news: The Right to Contraception Act, legislation that would codify the fundamental and constitutional right to contraception — which the Supreme Court first recognized more than half a century ago in its decision in Griswold v. Connecticut  — passed the House of Representatives and has been introduced in the Senate.

Our task: Urge your senators to pass the Right to Contraception Act to ensure the right to contraception and a corresponding right for health care providers to engage in a full range of contraception-related services.

Confirm All Federal Judicial Nominees

The issue: There are more than 100 federal judicial vacancies for President Biden to name and the Senate to confirm, with not nearly enough nominees to fill these lifetime positions.  

The good news: More than 70 of President Biden’s nominees have been confirmed, with more nominees recently announced by the White House. 

Our task: Urge the Senate to stay in session as long as it takes to fill as many vacancies as possible with fair, independent, diverse, and qualified nominees.

Urge HHS Secretary Becerra to Expand Medication Abortion Access

The issue: Medication abortion, two pills taken within a short window, is safe, reliable, and can offer an important option for many who are ten weeks pregnant or less.

The good news: In December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permanently repealed its in person dispensing requirements for medicaiton abortion. 

Our task: The FDA left in place several barriers that continue to unnecessarily restrict and stigmatize this safe medication. Urge Health and Human Services, which oversees the FDA, to remove the remaining obstacles and facilitate medication abortion access.

Tell the Senate: Pass Gun Safety Legislation Now!

The issue: Gun violence is an epidemic in America and now the leading cause of death in children. 

The good news: The House of Representatives passed two critical gun safety bills: HR 8, The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 and HR 1446, The Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019. 

Our task: Urge the senate to pass the commonsense gun safety measures that would expand background checks and save lives.

Support Asylum Seekers

The issue: Throughout the pandemic, Title 42 has blocked most asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.

The good news: The Biden administration announced it will end Title 42 on May 23.

Our task: Some lawmakers want Title 42 to continue, and we must tell them we support asylum seekers in our country!

Support the People of Ukraine

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is shocked and horrified by the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces and subsequent humanitarian crisis. We have compiled information and resources as you and NCJW Sections look for ways to be in solidarity with those impacted by this ongoing conflict.

Educate: Learn more about what’s happening in Ukraine via trusted partners like HIAS.

Advocate: NCJW joined a letter in February requesting an immediate 18-month designation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Ukraine, which allows people from Ukraine to live and work in the United States while conditions in their home country make safe return impossible. We applaud the Biden administration for granting this request on March 3! Say thanks on social media:

You can also make an emergency donation through our close partners at HIAS, an organization that assists refugees wherever they are. They have been on the ground in Ukraine and in neighboring countries, and are uniquely situated to make a difference – particularly for women and children.

Other refugee resettlement organizations helping to mitigate the crisis in Ukraine include Church World Service.

Donate: If you are able, consider making donations to the below organizations as an individual to support the people of Ukraine.

USAID also has a list of organizations responding in Ukraine to whom you can donate: In addition, Jewish and Israeli organizations are on the ground in Ukraine, working to deliver funds, food, medical supplies, psychological support, and other much-needed supplies and services to the people of Ukraine, including those who have fled their homes, those who can’t escape, and those who have chosen to remain. Consider donating to these organizations, or volunteering your time and supplies as requested.