Demand equal access to abortion coverage

Demand equal access to abortion coverage!

Every person deserves access to abortion care, regardless of income or type of insurance!

The Hyde Amendment, language in annual appropriations bills that denies abortion coverage to those enrolled in federal health programs, represents a major barrier to abortion care. First passed in 1976, Hyde initially targeted Medicaid, Medicare, and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) beneficiaries. Today, related restrictions also extend to federal employees and their dependents; military personnel; Peace Corps volunteers; Indigenous people receiving care from federal or tribal programs; and survivors of human trafficking. 

Tell Congress to pass the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH) Act (HR 561), which would end these dangerous and discriminatory coverage bans that disproportionately harm those struggling to make ends meet; Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities; young people; people living with disabilities; rural communities; immigrants; and LGBTQ individuals.

The bill — led by Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Diana DeGette (D-CO), and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) — would also bar federal political interference in the decisions of private health insurers to offer abortion coverage.  

While abortion is banned in 13 states with further restrictions on the horizon, it is essential to pass the EACH Act to help lay the groundwork for a more equitable future that prioritizes access to abortion for everyone. Urge your lawmakers to support the EACH Act today to ensure that abortion care is there for all of us — however much we earn, wherever we live, and whoever we are. Everyone deserves respect, dignity, and equal access to the resources needed to control their body, family, and future, including insurance coverage of abortion.

Learn more by reading NCJW’s talking points on the EACH Act! 

Share your concern about the Israeli government’s proposal to overhaul the judiciary

National Council of Jewish Women believes in an Israel where all women, children and families should not just be able to exist, but thrive. A fair, independent, and qualified judiciary is a crucial element of a healthy democracy that centers dignity, equity and justice for all. 

We are alarmed and deeply concerned at the proposal from the new government of Israel to overhaul the Israeli judiciary and override the powers of Israel’s Supreme Court. This plan must not come to fruition. Especially not as members of the coalition government express their intent to restrict the rights of those of broad sectors of Israeli society — like women, Arabs and the LGBTQ+ community.

Join NCJW in saying that this proposal to overhaul the judiciary must not be allowed to advance!

Paid family leave for all American workers!

Thirty years ago, the monumental Family and Medical Leave Act gave many American workers the legal right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from their jobs.  This has given more than 460 million people time away from work to care for new babies, sick family members, and even their own serious health concerns without fear of losing their job upon returning.

National Council of Jewish Women is incredibly proud that we helped pass FMLA in 1993. And we invite you to join us in celebrating this 30th anniversary of FMLA by pushing for more. It is time for paid family and medical leave for all. 

This includes the 94% of low-wage workers who do not currently get paid family leave. This includes the 44% of workers currently employed by small businesses who are not eligible for any FMLA. This includes the 25% of women who go back to work within ten days of giving birth in this country. 

Paid family and medical leave for all is the next monumental piece of legislation needed to ensure women and all people can both work and take care of their families. Nobody should have to choose between caring for their family and paying their bills. 

One of Judaism’s great sages, Rabbi Eliezer, is quoted as saying, “Other people’s dignity should be as precious to you as your own.” Just as we all would hope for the time and space to care for our loved ones and our own needs without significant financial worry, we should extend it to every worker, whose human rights and dignity are no less vital than our own. 

Join National Council of Jewish Women in making your voice heard: It’s time for paid family and medical leave for all!

Tell Congress to expand abortion access, not limit it.

Roe v. Wade, the constitutional right to abortion access, would have turned 50 on January 22, 2023.

Instead, the Supreme Court overturned this right, leaving it to individual states or Congress to decide the fate of our right to reproductive healthcare.

Please join us and email your lawmakers encouraging them to pass legislation that expands abortion access instead of limiting it.

It is painful and poignant to mark this day, now — the non-anniversary of a decision that was meant to be the floor of our reproductive rights, but is now their former ceiling. 24 states have now banned abortion or are about to do so — violating the dignity, autonomy, safety, and humanity of 40 million Americans of reproductive age.

Narratives in this country have long held that people of faith do not support abortion access, but this is a harmful myth, casting off the beliefs of Jews and many other religious beliefs, faith traditions, and moral principles.

Jewish tradition tells us to honor kavod habriot, the dignity of every human being. We support access to safe and legal abortion care. Not in spite of our religion — but because of it.

Send an email to your lawmakers encouraging them to pass legislation, like the EACH Act, that expands abortion access for everyone.

Thank the Senate for protecting pregnant workers!

The Senate voted to include the Pregnant Worker’s Fairness Act in the 2022 Omnibus Spending Bill, which, if passed, will protect all people who can get pregnant from having to choose between their health and their paycheck!

The Act’s provisions legally require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers — including providing bathroom breaks, a stool to sit on for cashiers, the ability to carry a water bottle, and other essential needs for those working while pregnant, ending the suffering of millions of pregnant people who have dealt with horrible working conditions — or were forced out of their jobs while pregnant.

Join us in sending our thanks to the senators who supported this bipartisan effort to protect workers from having to choose between their health and their paycheck — a major win for the equity and wellbeing of all pregnant workers in our country.

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