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#CloseTheCamps Talking Points

Use these talking points for all activity during August recess: planning a “Tisha B’Av: Jews Say #CloseTheCamps” action, in-district visits with your lawmakers, and writing LTEs and op-eds. 

  • As Jews and people of conscience, we are disgusted and disheartened by the administration’s treatment of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Jews are commanded by the Torah to welcome the stranger. The US government was complicit in denying entry to so many Jews at the exact moment in history when it was most needed; therefore, we are uniquely charged to do everything we can to fight xenophobic and racist policies that bar people from seeking refuge in our nation.
  • NCJW has been fighting for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers for 125 years. NCJW was the only NGO (non-governmental organization) with a permanent aid station at Ellis Island to receive immigrant womenhelp them find homes and jobs, and prevent them from being trafficked.
  • The Trump administration’s anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, and anti-asylee policies are driven by white supremacy. The administration, including Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller, has made no secret of the fact that they believe fewer, whiter people should be let in to the United States. These extreme policies, supported by some in Congress, are designed to rile up the president’s political base, regardless of their human cost.
  • We demand that Congress and the administration #CloseTheCamps. Immigrants, including families and children, are being held in deplorable conditions at the border and throughout the US. Children, six of whom have died in US custody, should never be incarcerated or needlessly separated from a parent or family member. 
  • We support significant cuts in funding to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agencies behind immigration detention and deportation. The budget serves as a moral document that reflects our priorities and values as a nation. Taxpayer dollars should be spent on critical programs that make our communities strong and vibrant such as education, health care, green infrastructure, and housing rather than fueling abusive agencies that terrorize communities and separate families. 

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