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Wellbeing of Women, Children & Families

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36 Religious Groups Sign On to Support EACH Woman ActWeb page
50 Jewish Leaders Commit to Reduce Energy Use, Advocate for Energy SecurityWeb page
After Supreme Court Argument, NCJW Confident Health Law is Constitutional Web page
Attempted Repeal of Health Care Reform a Step Backward, NCJW SaysWeb page
Budgets Must Protect the Vulnerable, NCJW SaysWeb page
Debt Deal Raises Concern for Women and Families, Says NCJWWeb page
Farm Bill Food Program Cuts Leave Millions Hungry, NCJW SaysWeb page
Fiscal Cliff Agreement a Mixed Deal, Says NCJWWeb page
For Katrina’s Fifth Anniversary, NCJW Calls for Restoration of Gulf CoastWeb page
Hands Off Planned Parenthood, Says NCJWWeb page
Health Care for Immigrant Women and Families Benefits Us AllWeb page
In Honor of Ledbetter Anniversary, NCJW Calls for Passage of Paycheck Fairness ActWeb page
In Letter to Bush, NCJW Cites Domestic, Civil Liberties ConcernsWeb page
Jewish Groups Observe World AIDS Day 2010Web page
Jewish Women’s Organization Partners with Women’s March on Washington in Support of Women’s Rights as Human RightsWeb page
Komen Defunding of Planned Parenthood Cancer Screening Deeply Disappointing, NCJW Says Web page
Millions Enrolled, More to Do on Health Care, NCJW SaysWeb page
Mixed Court Decision Upholds Diversity, NCJW SaysWeb page
National Council of Jewish Women Taps Longtime New York Leader to Lead its BoardWeb page
NCJW Appalled at Congressional Inaction, Government ShutdownWeb page
NCJW Applauds Administration Decision to Defer Deportation of Young ImmigrantsWeb page
NCJW Applauds Bills to Expand Access to Abortion for Women in Peace Corps, MilitaryWeb page
NCJW Applauds Cease-Fire AgreementWeb page
NCJW Applauds Congressional Approval of Relief for the UnemployedWeb page
NCJW Applauds Demise of House Effort to Limit Abortions in DCWeb page
NCJW Applauds Enactment of Shaheen Amendment Easing Abortion Access for Military PersonnelWeb page
NCJW Applauds Executive Action Expanding Paid LeaveWeb page
NCJW Applauds House Failure to Pass Anti-Abortion BillWeb page
NCJW Applauds House Votes on Head Start and Hate CrimesWeb page
NCJW Applauds Komen Foundation for Reversing Decision on Planned Parenthood Funding Web page
NCJW Applauds Obama Administration Policy to Protect Women’s Health CareWeb page
NCJW Applauds Passage of Equal Pay Bills by the HouseWeb page
NCJW Applauds Progress for Respect for Marriage ActWeb page
NCJW Applauds Progress on First Anniversary of Health Care LawWeb page
NCJW Applauds Senate Committee Vote to Reauthorize VAWA Web page
NCJW Applauds Senate Defeat of HR 1 Web page
NCJW Applauds Senate Passage of VAWA ReauthorizationWeb page
NCJW Both Encouraged and Disappointed by Proposed Budget DealWeb page
NCJW Calls for Moratorium on Secure Communities ProgramWeb page
NCJW Calls for an End to Modern Day SlaveryWeb page
NCJW Calls for End to Bullying in SchoolsWeb page
NCJW Calls for End to Hyde Amendment, Renewal of Promise of Roe on 40th AnniversaryWeb page
NCJW Calls for Full Funding of US and International HIV/AIDS ProgramsWeb page
NCJW Calls HHS Decision on Emergency Contraception a Major Setback for WomenWeb page
NCJW Calls House Vote to Overturn Health Care Law Political TheaterWeb page
NCJW Calls on House to Extend Unemployment Benefits before Holiday RecessWeb page
NCJW Calls on Lawmakers to Fund Stem Cell ResearchWeb page
NCJW Calls on US Supreme Court to Keep Immigrant Families TogetherWeb page
NCJW Calls on US Supreme Court to Protect Access to Contraception and Religious LibertyWeb page
NCJW Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Title IXWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Anniversary of Affordable Care ActWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Historic Decision on Privacy, Warns of ThreatsWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Supreme Court Rulings that Advance Marriage EqualityWeb page
NCJW Changemakers Join Top Political Leaders and Policy Experts for Washington Institute Policy ConferenceWeb page
NCJW Concerned About Recent Developments Impeding Birth Control Access Web page
NCJW Condemns Biased Congressional Hearing on Religious Liberty and Women’s Health CoverageWeb page
NCJW Condemns Senate Failure to Extend Unemployment BenefitsWeb page
NCJW Congratulates Minnesota on Marriage Equality LawWeb page
NCJW Congratulates President Obama on His Re-Election, Pledges Support for Renewal of Progressive Agenda Web page
NCJW Decries Appeals Court Decision on Denying Contraceptive CoverageWeb page
NCJW Decries Greater Inequality, Persistent Gender Gap In PayWeb page
NCJW Decries Veto of Compromise on Children's Health Insurance ProgramWeb page
NCJW Decries Wrong Track BudgetWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disappointed by HHS Latest Stance on Morning After PillWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disappointed by House Passage of Dangerous VAWAWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disappointed by SCHIP DefeatWeb page
NCJW Denounces Appointment of Stephen BannonWeb page
NCJW Denounces Efforts to Add Anti-Abortion, Anti-Immigrant Provisions to Anti-Trafficking BillWeb page
NCJW Denounces Latest Anti-Abortion Effort in CongressWeb page
NCJW Denounces Passage of DC Gun BillWeb page
NCJW Denounces Proposed Abortion BanWeb page
NCJW Deplores Decision on Health Care ReformWeb page
NCJW Disappointed by Final Appropriations BillWeb page
NCJW Disappointed by Senate Defeat of Buffet RuleWeb page
NCJW Dismayed at Continued Attempts to Deny Women Birth Control Coverage Under Affordable Care ActWeb page
NCJW Editorial, ''Head Start and the First Amendment''Web page
NCJW Expresses Deepest Disappointment at Stem Cell VetoWeb page
NCJW Expresses Disappointment on Defeat of DREAM Act by SenateWeb page
NCJW Expresses Solidarity with Israel and Concern for the Loss of Innocent LivesWeb page
NCJW Hails House Vote on VAWAWeb page
NCJW Hails Passage of Child Nutrition BillWeb page
NCJW Hails Senate Passage of Stem Cell BillWeb page
NCJW Hails Signing of Children's Health Insurance BillWeb page
NCJW Hails Start of New Health Benefits for WomenWeb page
NCJW Heralds Anniversary of Brown v. Board of EducationWeb page
NCJW Joins 35 Faith-Based Organizations Calling for an End to Federal Bans on Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW Joins May 12 Advocacy Day Urging Congress To Act for Women, Protect Abortion AccessWeb page
NCJW Joins With Interfaith Call for Moral Leadership and Action to End Gun ViolenceWeb page
NCJW Looks Ahead to Affirmation by Court of Health Care ReformWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: A National Call to Jewish Mothers: Support a Federal Budget that Protects our ChildrenWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: America's moral failure: Rising food insecurityWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: Government Must Help Save Domestic Violence ProgramsWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: What Women Need from Healthcare ReformWeb page
NCJW Opposes Medicaid CutsWeb page
NCJW Outraged at House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood and Intimidate Abortion ProvidersWeb page
NCJW Outraged by Attack on Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Outraged by Attack on Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Outraged by Repeal of DC Gun BanWeb page
NCJW Pleased by Enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment ActWeb page
NCJW Praises House Passage of DREAM Act, Calls for Senate ApprovalWeb page
NCJW Praises Progress on Health Care for ChildrenWeb page
NCJW Praises Senate Action on Children's Health Insurance BillWeb page
NCJW President Phyllis Snyder's Op-Ed on SCHIP Published by JTAWeb page
NCJW Proud to Partner With JOIN for Justice Web page
NCJW Relieved by Failure of Balanced Budget AmendmentWeb page
NCJW Renews Call for Civil Discourse Upon Election of Donald TrumpWeb page
NCJW Renews Call for Equal Pay, Higher Minimum Wage on Equal Pay DayWeb page
NCJW Renews Call for National Health Care PlanWeb page
NCJW Responds to Bush VictoryWeb page
NCJW Responds to House Republican Immigration PrinciplesWeb page
NCJW Responds to Movement for Black Lives PlatformWeb page
NCJW Salutes Senate Action and Urges Final Approval of Provision to Improve Servicewomen's Access to Reproductive Health CareWeb page
NCJW Says Any Deficit Deal Must Protect the Most VulnerableWeb page
NCJW Says No Deal Is Better than a Bad Deal, Calls on Congress to Focus on JobsWeb page
NCJW Sees Supreme Court Wal-Mart Decision as Setback for WomenWeb page
NCJW Speaks Out During Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention MonthWeb page
NCJW Supports Bill Addressing Campus Sexual Assault Web page
NCJW Supports National Concert to Make Abortion Access a Reality for AllWeb page
NCJW Supports October 12 as Global be a STAR DayWeb page
NCJW Urges Congress to Protect Public SafetyWeb page
NCJW Urges Immediate Grant of Protective Status to Haitians in USWeb page
NCJW Urges Knesset to Pass Nutrition Law, Delivers 1,000 Signatures to Prime MinisterWeb page
NCJW Urges Quick Action to Pass a Strong VAWA BillWeb page
NCJW Urges Reauthorization of Assault Weapon BanWeb page
NCJW Urges Renewal of Assault Weapon BanWeb page
NCJW Urges Renewed Effort on Gun Control in Wake of Tragedy at Virginia TechWeb page
NCJW Urges Renewed Efforts to Build on Historic Progress Under Affordable Care Act as Marketplace Open Enrollment BeginsWeb page
NCJW Urges State Governments to Take Up Medicaid ExpansionWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long DelayWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Forward Motion by Administration on Contraceptive Coverage BenefitWeb page
NCJW Welcomes New Immigration ProposalsWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Opening of Health Insurance Marketplace to Help More Women, Families Access Affordable CoverageWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Opening of Health Insurance Marketplace, Reaffirms Commitment to Help Communities Get CoveredWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Overturn of Texas Restrictions on Abortion ServicesWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Passage of 2010 Budget ResolutionWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Relief for Unemployed and Low-Income FamiliesWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Renewed Jobs Effort, Urges Immediate ActionWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Reopening of Federal Government, Urges End to SequesterWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Senate Passage of Immigration ReformWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Supreme Court Action to Keep Texas Abortion Clinics OpenWeb page
NCJW's Petition to Protect Agunot Yields Pledge of Action from Knesset LeadersWeb page
NCJW, Women's Groups Launch "HER Votes" to Mobilize Women Voters in 2012Web page
On Eve of Thanksgiving, NCJW Calls for Passage of Child Nutrition BillWeb page
On Plan B Anniversary, NCJW Calls for Action to Protect Access to ContraceptionWeb page
Ruling to Lift Age Restrictions on Emergency Contraception is Victory for Women’s HealthWeb page
Supreme Court Decisions on College Diversity, Immigration, and Tribal Court Jurisdiction a Mixed Bag, Says NCJW Web page
Temporary UI Extension Welcome But Not Enough, NCJW SaysWeb page
Three Years After Last Increase, NCJW Calls on Congress to Raise the Minimum WageWeb page
Trump’s Budget Will Increase Poverty, Hardship for Women, Children, and FamiliesWeb page
Women’s Health Protection Act Ensures Abortion is Accessible Regardless of Zip CodeWeb page

Journal Articles


Spring 2004 NCJW JournalWeb page
Building a LegacyWeb page
Summer 2006 NCJW JournalWeb page
First Person Personal: An Israel DispatchWeb page
Winter 2007/2008 NCJW Journal  Web page
Summer 2007 NCJW Journal Web page
Protecting Public Health in Israel  Web page
Working Mothers Paying for Poor Policies  Web page
Framing the Feminist Debate Web page
Feminist Family ValuesWeb page
Voting MattersWeb page
Galvanizing the Grassroots  Web page
Winter 2006 NCJW Journal Web page
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Let's Talk About SexWeb page
Protecting the Powerless: Child Trafficking in the United States Web page



RIFIEWeb page
Higher GroundWeb page

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Well Being of Women, Children, & FamiliesWeb page
EducationWeb page
Medical AdvancesWeb page
Child CareWeb page
Child SupportWeb page
Children's HealthWeb page
Health Care ReformWeb page
Medicare/MedicaidWeb page
Mental HealthWeb page
Well-being of Women, Children & FamiliesWeb page
Gun Violence PreventionWeb page
Domestic & Sexual ViolenceWeb page

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Faithful Engagement in the Budget DebateWeb page
Finance and ViolenceWeb page
Support Reproductive Choices and a Responsible BudgetWeb page
Bringing Change to the Courts in LouisvilleWeb page
Empowering Women in Essex CountyWeb page
Seven New Ways for Women to Stay Healthy Without Co-PaysWeb page
Distance Learning Calls: Higher GroundWeb page
Expert ProfilesWeb page

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