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Religious Discrimination

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36 Religious Groups Sign On to Support EACH Woman ActWeb page
Executive Order on Religious Freedom Undermines Both Freedom and ReligionWeb page
National Council of Jewish Women Condemns Anti-Semitic Incidents Web page
NCJW Applauds Nomination of Rabbi David Saperstein as Ambassador at Large for International Religious FreedomWeb page
NCJW Calls on US Supreme Court to Protect Access to Contraception and Religious LibertyWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Historic Decision on Privacy, Warns of ThreatsWeb page
NCJW Commends President Obama for His Message of Religious Tolerance and InclusionWeb page
NCJW Condemns Destruction of Mosque in IsraelWeb page
NCJW Condemns Harassment and Silencing of Israelis Invited To Speak At National LGBT Conference in ChicagoWeb page
NCJW Condemns Trump’s New Discriminatory Limits on Refugee Entry in US and Attack on Sanctuary CitiesWeb page
NCJW Decries Appeals Court Decision on Denying Contraceptive CoverageWeb page
NCJW Decries Federal Funding of Religious DiscriminationWeb page
NCJW Denounces Appointment of Stephen BannonWeb page
NCJW Denounces Rise in IslamaphobiaWeb page
NCJW Denounces So-Called Religious Freedom Laws That Would Legalize DiscriminationWeb page
NCJW Deplores Congressional Intrusion in Schiavo CaseWeb page
NCJW Gives Mixed Reviews to Final Supreme Court Rulings Web page
NCJW Hails Israel's Move to Broaden Access to Western WallWeb page
NCJW Joins 35 Faith-Based Organizations Calling for an End to Federal Bans on Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW President Urges Congress to Oppose Voucher Provisions in 2004 BudgetWeb page
NCJW Responds to Choice of David Friedman as Future US Ambassador to Israel Web page

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Protecting Basic Rights at WorkWeb page

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"Je suis Elsa"Blog Entry
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