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Voting Rights & Election Reform

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36 Religious Groups Sign On to Support EACH Woman ActWeb page
NCJW Applauds Defeat of Extreme State Ballot Initiatives Web page
NCJW Applauds Introduction of Bipartisan Voting Rights LegislationWeb page
NCJW Applauds Passage of Voting Rights ExtensionWeb page
NCJW Applauds Progressive Wins on Many State Ballot QuestionsWeb page
NCJW Calls for Open and Fair Electoral ProcessesWeb page
NCJW Calls for Renewal of Voting Rights Act ProtectionsWeb page
NCJW Condemns Supreme Court Ruling Invalidating Key Section of 1965 Voting Rights ActWeb page
NCJW Congratulates President-Elect Obama, Pledges Support for New Progressive AgendaWeb page
NCJW Decries Anonymous Millions Spent in 2010 Elections, Supports DISCLOSE ActWeb page
NCJW Decries House Action to End Limited Voting Rights for District of Columbia DelegateWeb page
NCJW Decries Voter ID DecisionWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disappointed at Defeat of DC Voting RightsWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disturbed by Cabinet Nominees Tom Price and Betsy DeVos for HHS and Education Web page
NCJW Denounces Appointment of Stephen BannonWeb page
NCJW Disappointed at Senate Filibuster on DISCLOSE ActWeb page
NCJW Endorses New Voting Rights Reform BillWeb page
NCJW Forum Encouraging Voters to Vote No on Amendments 6 and 8 attracts 150 attendeesWeb page
NCJW Hails Ruling on Discriminatory Texas Voting LawWeb page
NCJW Joins 35 Faith-Based Organizations Calling for an End to Federal Bans on Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW Joins in Celebrating March on Washington AnniversaryWeb page
NCJW Lauds Passage of DC Vote Act, Denounces Gun AmendmentWeb page
NCJW Lauds Renewal of Voting Rights ActWeb page
NCJW Launches Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote 2012Web page
NCJW President Nancy Ratzan's Op-Ed published by The ForwardWeb page
NCJW President Nancy Ratzan’s Op-Ed Published by the Jewish WeekWeb page
NCJW Reaffirms Support for Voting Rights Act as Supreme Court Hears Shelby v Holder Web page
NCJW Responds to Movement for Black Lives PlatformWeb page
NCJW Urges Immediate Enactment of the DC House Voting Rights ActWeb page
NCJW Urges Passage of Voting Rights ReauthorizationWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Challenges to Texas, Wisconsin Photo ID LawsWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Voting Rights DecisionWeb page
NCJW, Women's Groups Launch "HER Votes" to Mobilize Women Voters in 2012Web page
On 90th Anniversary of Suffrage, NCJW Calls on Women to VoteWeb page
On Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, Voting Rights Hang in the BalanceWeb page
Trump Order Misses the Real Election Integrity Issue — Voter SuppressionWeb page

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Turbo-Charging Grassroots ActivismWeb page
Winter 2007/2008 NCJW Journal  Web page
Summer 2007 NCJW Journal Web page
Voting MattersWeb page
Voting Matters 2007Web page
Voting Matters 2008Web page



Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote Web page

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Voting Rights & Election ReformWeb page

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Top Ten Historic Advances for Women Now at RiskWeb page
Member Spotlight: Preserving Voting RightsWeb page
Expert ProfilesWeb page
Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote Resource Guide Web page
Promoting the Vote in New York: Our 2008 Voter Registration DriveWeb page
US Voting Rights Timeline Web page

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