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April 23, 2015
NCJW Dismayed by Hyde Language in Trafficking Bill; Applauds Senators Who Fought to Protect Women’s Health

April 23, 2015
NCJW Welcomes Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long Delay

April 22, 2015
Health Care for Immigrant Women and Families Benefits Us All

April 16, 2015
NCJW Deplores Extension of Hyde Amendment for Two Years as Part of Medicare Bill

April 2, 2015
NCJW Denounces So-Called Religious Freedom Laws That Would Legalize Discrimination

March 26, 2015
NCJW Welcomes Supreme Court Decision on Pregnant Workers’ Rights, Urges Passage of Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

March 25, 2015
NCJW Denounces Vote by UN Commission on Women Singling Out Israel

March 24, 2015
Interfaith Coalition Tells Congress: Pass Four-year Funding Extension for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

March 19, 2015
NCJW Reacts to Likud Victory in Israeli Election

March 11, 2015
NCJW Denounces Efforts to Add Anti-Abortion, Anti-Immigrant Provisions to Anti-Trafficking Bill

March 6, 2015
NCJW Denounces Efforts to Stall Immigration Progress in Congress After DHS Funding Showdown

March 4, 2015
NCJW Renews Call for Reform of Israeli Marriage Law

March 4, 2015
NCJW Calls on Supreme Court to Again Uphold the Affordable Care Act

February 27, 2015
NCJW Supports Bill Addressing Campus Sexual Assault

February 17, 2015
NCJW Deplores Court Ruling on President’s Immigration Policy

February 3, 2015
NCJW Welcomes Federal Budget Proposal’s Initiatives for Families, Expresses Disappointment that Abortion Restrictions Remain

January 22, 2015
NCJW Calls for Renewal of Roe’s Promise on 42nd Anniversary; Decries House Anti-Abortion Vote

January 16, 2015
NCJW Applauds Executive Action Expanding Paid Leave

January 15, 2015
NCJW Denounces House Vote to Roll Back Immigration Reforms

January 14, 2015
Hadassah and National Council of Jewish Women Announce a Jewish Day of Action to End Human Trafficking on Tuesday