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November 21, 2014
NCJW Applauds President’s Action on Immigration

November 20, 2014
NCJW Welcomes Opening of Health Insurance Marketplace, Reaffirms Commitment to Help Communities Get Covered

November 18, 2014
NCJW Condemns Terrorism at Jerusalem Synagogue

November 18, 2014
New NCJW Initiative Focuses on Reproductive Justice

November 6, 2014
NCJW Calls on Lame Duck Congress to Act on Unfinished Business for Women and Families

November 6, 2014
Jewish Women’s Group Lauds Ballot Gains While Vowing to Keep Fighting for Reproductive Justice

October 28, 2014
National Council of Jewish Women and Polaris Join Forces to Raise Awareness about Human Trafficking

October 27, 2014
NCJW Calls on Knesset to Liberalize Conversion to Judaism

October 21, 2014
In Wake of Hobby Lobby Ruling, NCJW Tells Federal Government to Uphold Religious Liberty, Ensure Access to Birth Control Coverage for All

October 20, 2014
NCJW Recognized by Slingshot as Leading Social Change for Women and Girls

October 15, 2014
NCJW Welcomes Supreme Court Action to Keep Texas Abortion Clinics Open

October 14, 2014
Groundbreaking Israeli Advertising Campaign Featuring Women Vandalized

October 7, 2014
NCJW Welcomes Supreme Court Decision to Allow Expansion of Marriage Equality

October 3, 2014
NCJW Expresses Extreme Disappointment at Anti-Abortion Ruling in Texas

September 24, 2014
NCJW Urges Withdrawal of Michael Boggs Nomination to Federal Bench

September 18, 2014
NCJW Launches National Awareness and Advocacy Initiative About Sex Trafficking

September 17, 2014
NCJW Leaders Come to Washington to Speak Up for Abortion Coverage

September 8, 2014
NCJW Disappointed by President’s Failure to Address Immigration

August 14, 2014
NCJW Mourns Loss of Social Justice Leader Leonard Fein

July 30, 2014
NCJW Endorses Bill to End Disparities in Health Care