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July 14, 2015
New Rule on Birth Control Helps Women But Falls Short, NCJW Says

July 9, 2015
NCJW Welcomes Proposed EACH Woman Act, Would Ensure Abortion Coverage for Millions Now Denied Access

July 3, 2015
NCJW Denounces One-Sided Report on Gaza

June 30, 2015
NCJW Says Supreme Court Death Penalty Ruling Shocks the Conscience; Welcomes Decision on Fairer Redistricting Process

June 26, 2015
NCJW Hails Historic Decision Affirming Right to Same Sex Marriage

June 25, 2015
NCJW Endorses New Voting Rights Reform Bill

June 25, 2015
NCJW Applauds Civil Rights Ruling in Housing Case

June 25, 2015
NCJW Hails Supreme Court Decision Upholding Health Care Tax Credits for Millions

June 18, 2015
National Council of Jewish Women Decries Hate Crime in Charleston

June 10, 2015
NCJW Denounces Latest Anti-Abortion Ruling in Texas

June 8, 2015
NCJW Disappointed by Supreme Court Ruling on Jerusalem Case

June 5, 2015
NCJW Celebrates 50 years of Griswold Birth Control Ruling

June 3, 2015
Supreme Court Rulings Underscore Why Courts Matter

June 1, 2015
NCJW Sends Condolences to Vice President Biden

May 27, 2015
NCJW Dismayed by Court Ruling Denying Relief to Millions of Immigrant Families

May 22, 2015
NCJW Welcomes Court Ruling on Birth Control Coverage in Health Care Law

May 21, 2015
NCJW Welcomes New Israeli Minister for Gender Equality

May 13, 2015
NCJW Condemns Latest Effort in Congress to Restrict Abortion Access

April 28, 2015
NCJW Calls on Supreme Court to Uphold Same Sex Marriage

April 23, 2015
NCJW Dismayed by Hyde Language in Trafficking Bill; Applauds Senators Who Fought to Protect Women’s Health