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January 12, 2017
NCJW Calls on Congress to Protect Health Care for Millions

January 11, 2017
Jewish Community Releases Statement of Values on Human Trafficking

January 6, 2017
Hands Off Planned Parenthood, Says NCJW

December 29, 2016
NCJW Announces Support for the Women’s March on Washington

December 20, 2016
NCJW Responds to Choice of David Friedman as Future US Ambassador to Israel

December 19, 2016
NCJW Applauds Obama Administration Policy to Protect Women’s Health Care

December 16, 2016
NCJW Calls Senate Record on Judicial Nominations Disgraceful

December 9, 2016
NCJW Expresses Concerns About Nominees for Labor and HUD

December 8, 2016
Ohio Abortion Ban Bill One More Step in National Anti-Abortion Agenda, Says Jewish Women’s Group

December 1, 2016
NCJW Deeply Disturbed by Cabinet Nominees Tom Price and Betsy DeVos for HHS and Education

November 18, 2016
NCJW Opposes Nomination of Senator Sessions for Attorney General

November 14, 2016
NCJW Denounces Appointment of Stephen Bannon

November 10, 2016
NCJW Applauds Progressive Wins on Many State Ballot Questions

November 9, 2016
NCJW Renews Call for Civil Discourse Upon Election of Donald Trump

November 1, 2016
NCJW Urges Renewed Efforts to Build on Historic Progress Under Affordable Care Act as Marketplace Open Enrollment Begins

September 29, 2016
Budget Deal No Substitute for a Real FY 17 Budget, Says NCJW

September 28, 2016
NCJW Mourns Death of Shimon Peres, Statesman and Fighter for Peace

September 25, 2016
36 Religious Groups Sign On to Support EACH Woman Act

September 25, 2016
NCJW Joins 35 Faith-Based Organizations Calling for an End to Federal Bans on Abortion Coverage

September 9, 2016
NCJW Supports National Concert to Make Abortion Access a Reality for All