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Summer/Fall 2008

Reclaiming Family Values

The time has come to reclaim family values. As part of our broader push for social justice, we cannot afford to let right-wing rhetoric define the debate. For us at NCJW, family values means valuing families. It’s that simple. This issue of the NCJW Journal takes feminist family values as its point of departure, exploring how we can help families succeed and how some of this country's current policies are failing families.

Until further notice, the publication of the NCJW Journal has been suspended. Articles from past issues of the Journal will continue to be accessible here on the website, where years of award-winning journalism remains just a click away. Fresh content – including feature articles, resources, materials, updates, talking points, and insider perspectives – are constantly being added throughout the rest of the website, giving you more information and action opportunities than ever before about the issues that are important to you.

Feminist Family Values

Envisioning a Family-Friendly Future, One Household at a Time

One of our first responsibilities to ourselves, to our daughters, and to our future in this election season is to turn on our internal GPS when we hear the word "family" bandied about by politicians of every stripe. Generic rhetoric about "families" -- as in "Rising food prices will cause families to suffer" -- obliterates individuals, a disservice to each of the persons affected as well as to our communities.

Seeing "family values" through a feminist lens means valuing both the many different kinds of families and the individuals within them. Genuine family values are indistinguishable from the vision we have, as feminists and as Jews, for a better world. Feminism is all about choices and improving the world. Feminism is a family value.

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Voting Matters

An NCJW Series
by Rabbi Marla J. Feldman | 52 Comments

There has been much talk this election season about religion and politics and "values voters." But if religion is to elevate politics, writes Rabbi Feldman, people of faith must stand toe to toe with right-wing extremists and "raise our voices on behalf of our progressive religious values."

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Let's Talk About Sex

Three Teens Take Action to Reduce the Rate of Sexually Transmitted Infections
by Molly M. Ginty | 175 Comments

Meet three teenage activists dedicated to protecting their peers by putting an end to federally funded abstinence-only sex education programs, the vast majority of which are "false or misleading."

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First Person Personal: An Israel Dispatch

In the Face of Absurdity, Laughter and Optimism
by Shari Eshet | 50 Comments

After living in Israel for nearly 30 years, the American-born Shari Eshet reflects on Israel's new social agenda and her high hopes for the Center for Women in the Public Sphere, part think tank, part strategic center, 100% feminist.

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Losing Ground: Women and the Foreclosure Crisis

by Avis Jones-DeWeever | 245 Comments

Are women being disproportionately affected by the mortgage crisis? Yes. Why? Discrimination.

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Connecting With Members

Five Questions for Fran Levey
by Elissa Froman | 63 Comments

Fran Levey talks to the NCJW Journal about her identity as an NCJW leader and an out Jewish lesbian, and about the work that lies ahead for LGBT rights.

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