NCJW Renews Support for Goals of Jewish Disability Awareness Month

February 7, 2012, Washington, DC — The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) today pledged its ongoing commitment to the goals of Jewish Disability Awareness Month, observed every February. NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman released the following statement:

“NCJW welcomes the opportunity afforded by Jewish Disability Awareness Month to renew our commitment to being inclusive of community members of all abilities, and speaking out for the full realization of civil and human rights for persons with disabilities. Our sacred texts teach that each of us is made in the divine image of G-d, and that we each possess a spark of divinity. Our challenge is to ensure that this fundamental principle of equality informs both our advocacy on behalf of programs and policies that address the needs of those with disabilities and our own behavior and the culture of our organization.

“NCJW will observe this month by re-examining our own internal practices as we strive to go beyond programs and activities that are simply accessible to becoming ‘radically inclusive’ — that is, ensuring that we affirmatively encourage full participation and involvement in our mission.

“We are our proud to join in the efforts of the Jewish Disability Network to preserve and extend those government programs that address the needs of persons with disabilities. We are honored to be a part of today’s Jewish Disability Month briefing and lobby day on Capitol Hill and will continue to fight changes to Medicaid that would severely impact those with disabilities.

“Leaders of the disability rights movement remind us all, even those currently able-bodied, that we will each most likely reach a point in life when we, too, are disabled. The struggle borne by persons with disabilities is a universal struggle, a struggle for dignity and human rights on behalf of all people.”

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.

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