Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote


Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. That’s why, for decades, NCJW advocates have fought for the expansion of voting rights, advocating for women’s suffrage, the historic Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Help America Vote Act of 1992, and more.

Today, NCJW’s work to promote civic engagement takes the form of Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote. This exciting initiative mobilizes NCJW sections, members, and supporters to work, in accordance with the rules governing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, to ensure that all eligible voters are able to vote and that every vote is counted.


Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote 2012


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Thanks to NCJW’s dedication to voter education and mobilization efforts, both independently and through collaboration with community partners, the turnout for the 2012 election was impressive. Through NCJW’s Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote 2012 initiative, NCJW sections and members registered new voters; educated the community about ballot initiatives and voting rights; and provided the resources eligible voters needed to cast their ballot. Their efforts in communities across the nation made a difference!


We’re particularly proud of NCJW sections’ work on ballot initiatives. From California to Florida, from Maine to Washington State, NCJW leaders educated and mobilized voters on critical issues. The successes are many. NCJW applauds results on state ballot questions and celebrates marriage equality wins in four states.

For decades, NCJW advocates have fought to improve the lives of women, children and families, and we pledge to continue our work to advance a progressive agenda over the next four years and beyond. Please join us in this pledge – there is no better time to renew your commitment. Sign NCJW’s Pledge for Social Action today!

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