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As members, volunteers, and leaders of NCJW, your meaningful projects and courageous calls to action enable women everywhere to stand up and speak out for progressive social change. Whether you’re spearheading a new community initiative, organizing an educational event, designing branded marketing materials, activating members for public policy action, or bringing a national advocacy program to your section, these resources can help you maximize your efforts to achieve NCJW’s mission.

The following information is for all NCJW leaders — from the section to the national level. The resources included here provide basic and essential information that will assist you in accomplishing your NCJW work.

NCJW Mission & Resolutions

NCJW Bylaws

NCJW Policies and Procedures

Section Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Guidelines

For questions about section bylaws or to have your section’s bylaws reviewed, please email NCJW’s Action Line at

NCJW Strategic Branding Initiative Kit 
Featuring NCJW brand language, graphic guidelines, material mock-ups, media strategies, and additional resources

Section Website Guidelines

NCJW Warehouse Store Catalogue
Featuring tribute cards, section fundraising items, publications, jewelry, awards, forms, letters, and envelopes

Rally Posters

NCJW Signs
Voices for Reproductive Choices Rally Signs — Rectangular and Square

NCJW Resources
Featuring a listing of some of the diverse human and programmatic resources provided by NCJW to sections  

Benefits of Program Support
Featuring the benefits of NCJW’s program support structure    

Advocacy Best Practices 
Featuring the “10 Commandments of Advocacy”

Plan A: Healthy Community Checklists and Grassroots Toolkit 
Featuring community assessment tools and action steps

Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote: Resource Guide 
Featuring tools and tips for taking action in the 2012 election year

NCJW Section Showcase
Slides from Washington Institute 2016