Our Work in the US

In the United States, NCJW’s work includes



Exodus: NCJW's Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiative

BenchMark: NCJW’s Judicial Nominations Campaign

Exodus: NCJW’s Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiative

Promote the Vote; Protect the Vote

Reproductive Justice Initiative Logo

Promote the Vote, 
Protect the Vote
NCJW’s Reproductive Justice Initiative






Higher Ground

Plan A

Higher Ground: NCJW’s Domestic 
Violence Campaign

Plan A: NCJW’s Campaign for Contraceptive Access


Each initiative — which focuses on a set of key public policy issues — has been developed to provide both the information and resources necessary to take action at all levels — from town halls to the halls of Congress. By bridging community service and national advocacy, NCJW members are transforming these programs into catalysts for progressive social change.

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