Donor Stories

Read more about NCJW members and donor groups whose support for NCJW exemplifies the compassionate and courageous spirit of the organization. Select a story and learn why these generous individuals choose to support NCJW.

45 Years and Counting: Geraldine Soba and NCJW
by Melissa Yekell

The Beatles unleash a music revolution. Betty Friedan publishes The Feminine Mystique. The US Supreme Court rules against state-mandated Bible reading in public schools. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I Have a Dream" speech. The year is 1963, and a young woman named Geraldine "Jerrie" Soba accepts an invitation to an NCJW meeting, starting her on a path to improving the world with NCJW. Read More

Giving Back: Marlene Hammerman
by Erica Brody

Meet Marlene Hammerman, NCJW advocate extraordinaire whose easy laugh and petite stature belie the powerful punch she packs when speaking out on key NCJW issues. That’s why, this March, she was tapped to head up NCJW’s State Public Affairs (SPA) network as a volunteer national coordinator, Marlene Hammerman along with Judy Rosenberg. Read More

Legacies: Living Them and Leaving Them 
by Shari Fleschner Albert  

For three decades, NCJW has been woven into the fabric of the lives of veteran volunteers Marge Weiser and Nancy Eskow. They, in turn, have been a fundamental part of NCJW. Read More    

Giving Back: The Hannah G. Solomon Leadership Circle
by Erica Brody 

By combining a belief in action, pioneering leadership, and a financial commitment to social change, the new Hannah G. Solomon Leadership Circle lays the foundation for a strong NCJW future. Read More   

Giving Back: Lenore Feldman Fischler 
by Erica Brody

Lenore Feldman Fischler was a past president of NCJW and, by all accounts, a leader and friend, a mentor and role model, a pragmatist and idealist, and a powerful voice for the organization she loved. Read More 

Giving Back: Naomi Houminer 
by Nancy Goldstein  

Ever since she helped start Jerusalem's first shelter for battered women, Naomi Houminer has supported women's empowerment through strategic giving. Today, her vision and commitment continue to sustain her own spirit while benefiting countless women in Israel. Read More 

Giving Back: Stella Sayles
by Erica Brody and Judi Handwerker

Philanthropist Stella Sayles believes that empowering others creates a positive ripple effect -- waves of change -- that can impact communities and countries at large. Read More