Capitol Hill Updates

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March 31, 2017   Republican Attempt to Repeal ACA Fails; Refugee and Muslim Ban 2.0 On Hold, Indefinitely
March 17, 2017   Two Trump Budgets, Both Harmful; ACA Repeal Under Scrutiny
March 10, 2017   Republican Plan to Repeal ACA Advances in House; #StopGorsuch
March 3, 2017   House Majority Hides New Proposal to Repeal ACA; Women’s Health Protection Act Reintroduced
February 24, 2017   Agencies Reverse Positions on Transgender Students and Private Prisons; Immigration Memos Put 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants at Risk
February 17, 2017   Trump Administration Proposes Rule to Weaken Access, Affordability of Coverage; House Leadership Releases Outline to Repeal and Replace Affordable Care Act
February 10, 2017   First 100 Days; Criminal Justice-Related Executive Orders Signed; 9th Circuit Court Refuses to Reinstate Refugee Ban
February 3, 2017   Onslaught of Executive Orders Continue; Sessions Passes Committee Vote
January 27, 2017   President Trump Issues A Series of Damaging Executive Orders; Cabinet Hearings & Votes Continue
January 13, 2017   Senate Holds “Vote-a-Rama” to Begin ACA Repeal Process; Cabinet Confirmation Hearings Begin
January 6, 2017   Senate Begins Debate on Repealing Health Care Law, Defunding Planned Parenthood; Congress Passes Legislation to Obstruct Regulatory Process
December 16, 2016   Building Our Power: Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Advocates Convene
December 9, 2016   Presidential Transition Continues; Bill Introduced to Protect DACA Recipients
December 2, 2016   Health and Human Services Cabinet Nominee Threatens Health Care Access
November 18, 2016   Presidential Transition Update; Hate Crimes Increase in 2015 Report Shows; Judicial Vacancies Continue
September 30, 2016   NCJW Speaks out On Judicial Vacancies; NCJW and Interfaith Partners Urge Congress to #BeBoldEndHyde; Bill Introduced to Clear Criminal Records of Trafficking Survivors
September 23, 2016   Lawsuits & Legislation Challenge Overtime Rule;
September 23, 2016   BenchMark: NCJW’s Judicial Nominations Campaign; Immigration Reform Legislation Introduced
September 16, 2016   Voting Rights Victory; Debate Continues on Federal Zika Response and Avoiding Government Shutdown; NCJW Sections Across the Country Participated in All Access 2016
September 9, 2016   Congress Back in Session; #DoYourJob Friday marks 177 days since Judge Merrick Garland was nominated by President Barack Obama; Anti-Family Planning Provision Stalls Funding to Address Zika Crisis
July 22, 2016   DOJ Files Petition to Rehear Critical Immigration Case; Victory Over Harmful Voter ID Laws; Unfinished Business as Congress Heads Home for Recess
July 15, 2016   School Diversity Bill Introduced; House Judiciary Committee Announces Working Group on Policing; Appropriations Bills Include a Slew of Harmful Provisions
July 8, 2016   Labor and Health Appropriations Bill Includes a Slew of Harmful Provisions; One Year Anniversary of Congressional Effort to #BeBoldEndHyde with EACH Woman Act!; NCJW Speaks Out to Protect Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims from Gun Violence
July 1, 2016   #CourtsMatter to Abortion Access: Victory at the US Supreme Court!; Senate committee passes spending bill supporting international family planning; anti-immigrant legislation fast tracked 
June 24, 2016   Three US Supreme Court Cases Decided, Another Reminder Courts Matter! ; Congressional Lawmakers Push to Address Gun Violence, #DisarmHate; Administration Announces New Action for Criminal Justice Reform
June 17, 2016   Gun Amendments Expected on Senate Floor; Bill Introduced to Advance Health Equity; SPOTTED: NCJW New York section’s GIFT box in Union Square!
June 10, 2016   Harmful Amendments Attached to House Financial Services Bill; Speaker Ryan Changes Rules; Health Coverage is Working to Improve Family Economic Security
June 3, 2016   Congressional Voting Rights Caucus AnnouncedVoting Rights Victory in Louisiana; Pregnancy Protections Pass in Colorado
May 27, 2016   Racial Gerrymandering Case Ends; 11 States Sue the Federal Government Over Transgender Guidelines ; Anti-Refugee Bill Passes out of Committee
May 20, 2016
US Supreme Court Rules in Zubik v. Burwell Birth Control & Religious Liberty Case; House Bill to Fund Zika Response Restricts Abortion Coverage; and New Raids Target Families and Children.
May 13, 2016   NCJW Leaders Urge Congress to Protect Abortion Access Nationwide; House Select Panel Subpoenas Abortion Providers; US Departments of Education and Justice Issue Title IX Guidance
May 6, 2016   US Department of Justice takes action on North Carolina’s anti-transgender law; voting rights lawsuit filed in Louisiana; Tennessee passes harmful anti-LGBTQ legislation
April 28, 2016   Anti-choice, discriminatory amendments added to National Defense Authorization Act; NCJW endorses national Refugees Welcome campaign; Voting rights setbacks in North Carolina
April 15, 2016   House subcomittee hears proposed discrimnatory abortion ban; Democracy Awakening happening this week and this weekend; additional briefs filed in challenge to birth control coverage at US Supreme Court
April 8, 2016   One person, one vote upheld in Evenwel; bill to invest in comprehensive sex education introduced in the Senate; Mississippi enacts discriminatory legislation
April 1, 2016   US Supreme Court split in Friedrichs decision of labor unions & requests more information about birth control coverage options, FDA aligns medication abortion label with sciene & best practices
March 25, 2016   US Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Zubik v. Burwell, the Affordable Care Act turns 6, North Carolina Passes heinous anti-transgender bill
March 18, 2016   President nominates Judge Merrick Garland to US Supreme Court, Senate committee hears anti-abortion measures, harmful refugee bill passse committee
January 29, 2016   Blizzard postpones house vote against health care progress and Planned Parenthood, immigrant children being trafficked, NCJW Louisville spotlight
January 22, 2016 Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Wilhelmina Wright confirmed to district court in Minnesota, US Supreme court takes up DACA/DAPA, So-Called “Safe Act” fails
January 15, 2016   Judge Restrepo confirmed to third cicruit court, arguments heard in Friedrichs vs. California Teachers’ Association, criminal justice reform legislation in Senate
January 8, 2016   President announces executive action on guns, immigration raids begin, President vetoes bill that erodes health care access and defunds Planned Parenthood
December 18, 2015   Omnibus budget passes both chambers, Tax Extender bill passed, House majority plans January vote to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Affordable Care Act
December 11, 2015   Budget negotiations continue, Supreme Court hears three major cases, Senate introduces paid leave legislation
December 4, 2015   Senate vote to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Affordable Care Act, continuing efforts to restrict refugee resettlement, Supreme Court to hear three major cases
November 20, 2015   Legislative Action Against Refugee Resettlement, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Department of Justice Files DACA/DAPA Appeal
November 13, 2015   Supreme Court to review Texas abortion clinic shutdown law, anti-immigration bill up for vote next week, President endorses Equality Act
November 6, 2015   Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act, legislative efforts to assist refugees from Iraq and Syria, harmful anti-immigrant legislation introduced
October 30, 2015   Open Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace Begins, Houses Passes Two Year Budget, Insider Blog Spotlight on Domestic Violence, and More!
October 23, 2015   NCJW Participates in All Above All Lobby Day for the EACH Woman Act, Anti-Immigrant Bill Blocked in Senate, Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood Passed in House
October 16, 2015   #Spirit Day Against Anti-LGBTQ Bullying, Open Enrollment, New Bipartisan Bill on Criminal Justice Reform, and More!
October 9, 2015   Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Two More School Shootings, Continued Attacks on Reproductive Health, and More!
October 2, 2015   Tragic School Shooting, Federal Budget Passed, Attacks on Reproductive Rights, and More.
September 25, 2015   Reproductive Rights Under Attack, NCJW St. Louis Grassroots Spotlight, Judicial Nominations, and More!
September 11, 2015   Planned Parenthood Update, Voting Rights Advancement Act, Paid Sick Days for Federal Contractors, and More!
September 4, 2015   Proposed Regulations to Combat Discrimination in Healthcare, Center for Reproductive Rights Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court to Take on Texas Clinic Shutdown, and More!
August 28, 2015
Stand Firm with Planned Parenthood, Education Bills Passed in House and Senate, Grassroots Spotlight, and More!
August 21, 2015   CourtsMatter Update, NCJW Essex County Spotlight, the Road Ahead for LGBT Equality, and More!
August 7, 2015   Senate Rejects Anti-Planned Parenthood Bill, Open Enrollment, Judicial Nominations, and More!
July 31, 2015   Senate Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood, Judicial Nominations, and More!
July 24, 2015   Anti-Discrimination, Minimum Wage, and Dating Violence Legislation Introduced
July 17, 2015   ACA Contraception Coverage Clarified, Transgender Military Service Bans Lifted
July 10, 2015   Abortion Ban Introduced in Senate, Pride, Courts Updates, & More!
June 26, 2015   Supreme Court Protects Housing, Healthcare, and Marriage Rights; Budget Subcomittees Slash Vital Programs
June 19, 2015   Loretta Lynch Installation, Dating Violence and Stalking Bill, House Slashes Funding for Family Planning, and More
June 12, 2015
  Harmful Anti-Abortion Legislation Introduced in Senate, Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Judge Restrepo Nomination, Pride Month
June 5, 2015   Griswold v. CT 50th Anniversary, President Signs the JVTA, Supreme Court Decisions
May 29, 2015   National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Benchmark updates, 
bill introduced to end LGBT discrimination in adoption and foster care 
May 22, 2015   House Passes Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act,
US Court Ruling on Birth Control Coverage, Judicial Nominations
May 15, 2015   House Passes 20 Week Ban, Restrepo Final “Blue Slip” Returned,
White House Affirms Access to Contraception under ACA
April 24, 2015   Loretta Lynch Confirmed, JVTA Passes, Judicial Nominees Confirmed, and More!
April, 17, 2015   Judicial Nominations, Budget, & Repro Justice
April 9, 2015   Congressional Recess – AG Nomination & Hyde Sneak Attacks
March 27, 2015   Budget, Reproductive Justice, Equal Pay and More! 
March 20, 2015   Budget, Trafficking, Loretta Lynch Nomination, and More!
March 13, 2015   Trafficking and Repro Justice, Benchmark, ACA and More!