NCJW Highlighted in Slingshot 2014-15 Women and Girls Supplement

We are excited to announce NCJW has been named one of 19 leading Jewish organizations committed to impacting the lives of women and girls in this year’s Women and Girls Supplement to the Slingshot Guide 2014-15.


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NCJW congratulates all of the innovative organizations featured in the Slingshot Guides!  

NCJW’s Slingshot Profile

Women often find their voices marginalized by decision makers, despite experiencing disproportionate impacts of many contemporary social and political issues, like economic inequality or healthcare reform. The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) empowers Jewish women to speak out about the issues that affect their lives and the lives of women and children throughout North America. 120 years since its founding, and now with a robust national network of more than 100 local chapters, NCJW continues to provide a progressive Jewish outlet for women to create social change locally and nationally.

NCJW’s State Policy Advocacy network gives volunteers the resources and tools necessary to tackle local issues such as voting rights, reproductive justice, and marriage equality. Regional trainings mobilize and educate volunteers to create change by providing training in advocacy, media, and coalition- building skills. Participants then visit and lobby at their state capitals. NCJW members in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas have recently addressed federal court vacancies, while a coalition of members in Florida has successfully defeated two ballot initiatives threatening women’s reproductive rights and religious liberties. In 2014, NCJW launched a signature campaign on the issue of sex trafficking. Throughout the United States, NCJW elevates women’s voices and builds a strong network of Jewish women, capable of addressing the most pressing social issues today and in the future.

Testimonial from Slingshot Evaluator: “NCJW’s advocacy work sets it apart from other Jewish women’s organizations by empowering its members to become advocates and change makers within their own communities.”