NCJW's Judicial Nominations Campaign

BenchMark: NCJW's Judicial Nominations Campaign


Courts matter. Federal court decisions impact every aspect of our lives. And the composition of the federal courts defines how justice is delivered in our nation. NCJW believes that judges confirmed to lifetime seats on the bench must have a commitment to constitutional rights, including reproductive rights.

Through BenchMark: NCJW’s Judicial Nominations Campaign, we have been a leading voice in the progressive community’s fight to ensure a fair and independent judiciary that keeps faith with constitutional values. All year round, our powerful grassroots network works to educate their communities about the importance of the federal judiciary and mobilizes and advocates to ensure that court vacancies are filled in a timely manner by nominees who are committed to constitutional values.

At NCJW, we understand that federal court decisions impact every aspect of our lives: The schools we can attend; our privacy; our ability to marry whom we choose and start a family when we choose; the safety of the products we buy; our religious freedom; and our voting rights.

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